Monday, November 3, 2008

Karl Marx and the Industrial Revolution

Karl Marx was born Jewish in May 5, 1818 and his nationality was German. Growing up in the Industrial Revolution he thought that exploiting the middle and lower class should be done away with. This meant that all wealth and items would be distributed to everyone according to one's abilities so everyone would have to support the whole and everyone would get equal treatment.

All this would also have to include no prejudice, this idea was also founded by the deep memory that his family had to change religion in order to get jobs. His overall beleif was that the industrial revolution should be abolished. He most likely started to invent communism around the time of losing the editor position of a magizine named Rheinische Zeitung. He didn't like it mainly for the negative reasons such as the exploitation of families and children, the pollution, over-crowding, and hazardous working conditions.

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