Thursday, November 6, 2008

Karl Marx and Communism

Karl Marx was one of the most influential writers of all time. He improved upon his own ideals and the previously written works of his friend Engels which was "The Principles of Communism". The ideal of communism that was brought to fruition by Marx's views became and still is the governmental lay out of many different countries. Unfortunately the view of Marx's communism isn't what he originally wanted his form was known as Marxism where everyone would rise up and overthrow the government then all take on trade skills or services that would better the whole after the economy was stabilized the temporary government would step down and everyone would be equal. The beneficial Marxism sadly was perverted into two different forms such as Socialism where government officials would control all production and today "Red" communism like Marxism but with a tyrannical leader and emphasise. But that wasn't his intention.
His intention was to abolish the neo-feudalism of the Industrial Revolution and give power to the polerait and take away from the bouigieusie. What ended up happening mostly were movments ttoward "red" communism.Yet Marx's idea of worldwide Communism to enforce equallity to all is and will for ever be unfifilled.

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