Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Flim lesson: "Mountains of the Moon"

The excursion into Africa to locate the source of the Nile River was one of the first to actually deeply penetrate the contienamt. Before European explorers were unable to get past the coast for the sole fact that they were unfamiliar with the terrain. For example the disease of Africa were forgien to the English, like malaria and dysentery as well as large infections that absolutely required amputation. The other hazardous obstacles faced were hostile tribes and dangerous animals. But, once Richard Burton and John Speke found the source for the lake they named it Lake Victoria in honor of their Queen. It remained the name for the fact that because after Europe got in they were part of the Berlin Conference, this split up Africa so the Europeans didn't war over it and they all got equal shares. It also remained the same because that honor given to the explorers is still respected. But to tell you the truth it isn't unheard of mainly because of cultural diffusion and the fact that when people discover or conquer something they leave a part of their nation behind. But, the important thing is how they were able to overcome these hazards and leave this marker of this historic achievement. To answer the previously mentioned question of how could the get in its simple, it was technology. The sole advantage against the indigenous people on their own terrain was something that was first produced in large quantities in China , gunpowder. Although I should give credit to what cemented a firm and healthy hold was the invention of Quinine to cure malaria.

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